What is the Samsung Push Service? - All you need to know!

Simply; Samsung Push Service is an app which sends your phone brand-specific notifications. This can be considered as a really useful app. Now let us pay our attention to how it can be useful in your device.

What are the key uses of Samsung Push services?

If you are using many Samsung apps in your device, you will be happy to know that Samsung Push service gives notifications for all of them. When there is any new information in any of the app in the Samsung family, you will see it through the Samsung Push Service. Therefore, this app helps you to stay alert about all the updates in Samsung.

What are Samsung Push Messages?

Samsung Push Message is a notification that pops up on your screen even when you are not using the app. There are a number of ways in which these messages come to your device. They will be displayed in the notification bar of your phone. They might also display the application icons at the top of the screen or even generate text-based notification messages.

You have the ability to specify the kind of Samsung notifications you see. That can be done by adjusting the Samsung push service settings within the Apps selection of your phone. It should be mentioned that you will only be able to find the app on your phone if you go into Show System Apps first, and look for Samsung Push Services there. Once you visit there, you can adjust the app’s notifications and permission settings.

A few downsides of using this app

If you have an idea of buying a new phone, you will want to know that Samsung is the brand behind some of the most anticipated phones this year. Anyways, some users are not happy about this app being factory installed in some of these devices.

That is because unnecessary apps are particularly frustrating when phones lack internal space. This can make the users do everything they can to delete the items they do not need. Not only that, there are some reports that Samsung Push service sends advertisements to the devices, although there’s nothing mentioned about advertisements in the official description of this app.

How to disable this app?

Due to the facts mentioned above, you might feel the need to disable this app. You can do that following some few steps which will be provided to you when you browse the internet. Or else. You can tap on the Samsung Push service entry on the app list, and press either the Disable or Force Stop buttons at the top.

However, several users have reported that those buttons are not active on their device. That is because Samsung Push Service is a system application. Anyway, if you are sure you want to do away with this app, you should know that deleting it involves downloading a third-party app.

Those were some facts about Samsung Push Service app, the Samsung Push Messages and the method to uninstall it if you find it annoying. Hope it gave you some idea about this app and its uses on your device.